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Blog #1 – Asthma

 This is a Fully Developed Turn-Key Blog – Not a “Blog Theme” 

– This Blog Pays You Through Adsense,, and Clickbank –

Blog #2 – Debt and Credit

 This is a Fully Developed Turn-Key Blog – Not a “Blog Theme” 

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Blog #3 – Green Living

 This is a Fully Developed Turn-Key Blog – Not a “Blog Theme” 

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Blog #4 – Home Brewing

 This is a Fully Developed Turn-Key Blog – Not a “Blog Theme” 

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Blog #5 – Home Theater

 This is a Fully Developed Turn-Key Blog – Not a “Blog Theme” 

– This Blog Pays You Through Adsense,, and Clickbank –

Blog #6 – Teeth Whitening

 This is a Fully Developed Turn-Key Blog – Not a “Blog Theme” 

– This Blog Pays You Through Adsense,, and Clickbank –

Blog #7- Tennis

 This is a Fully Developed Turn-Key Blog – Not a “Blog Theme” 

– This Blog Pays You Through Adsense,, and Clickbank –

Check Out the Features That are Built-In to These
Content Loaded Niche Blog Kits

WordPress PlatformAll blogs run on WordPress – the Internet�s most popular and most strongly supported blogging platform. That means you CAN easily make changes and do further development as you wish.

Eye-Popping Designs – All design work is done by professionals with strong attention to the details of eye-appeal and ease of navigation.

20 Private Label Articles Embedded in Each Blog –  All articles are written by native English speakers, 300 to 500 words in length, and 100% related to the niche topic. If you’re one who believes in the duplicate content myth you can edit and re-write these PLR articles as you wish from inside your WordPress admin area.

Pre-Loaded Plugins No need to worry about which WordPress plugins to use – and then hassle with installing them. We’ve already done that for you – with high impact plugins like Featured Content Gallery, Tubepress, and WP Contact Form. Of course, you can add any other WordPress plugins as you wish. Most of the really good ones are FREE!

SEO Optimized All blogs have been pre-set for optimum title, description, tagging, anchor, and linking strategies. This makes your blogs even more friendly to search engines – giving you a solid edge over a huge majority of your competitors.

PSD Header Files Use these special editable graphic files to make your blog unique and to brand your domain as a dependable source of good information.

Easy to Follow Instructions Clearly illustrated walk-through instructions in printable .pdf format – TABLE OF CONTENTS included. No more trying to guess at which video you need for any specific phase of the set up.

These Blogs are Fully Loaded with Profit Elements

Google Adsense – Adsense blocks are strategically placed to result in maximum click-through action from your blog visitors – and an ongoing stream of passive income for you.

Amazon Store – Lots of online marketers make great incomes as affiliates. And since Amazon is already known worldwide, the “trust factor” is already established – and the sales come really easy. All you have to do is cash the affiliate checks.

ClickBank Links – We’ve spent the extra time required to research and hand-pick high-converting products from ClickBank’s marketplace – and then place the links and banners at strategic locations in your blogs. ClickBank will pay you up to 75% commission on each sale generated from your blog.

AND YES! – You can include links, ads, and banners from any of YOUR favorite affiliate networks. You don’t have to use Clickbank, Amazon, or Adsense if you don’t want to. You can even include links to your own products.

Remember – These Are YOUR Blogs. You’ll Be In Complete Control.

You can install an up-to-date WordPress blog platform for each blog

You can embed your Clickbank, Amazon, Adsense ID’s to all blog pages and ads

You can create a keyword oriented subdomain for each blog

You can create an Amazon “store” on each blog using your affiliate ID

You can set up Privacy page for each blog

you will have FULL CONTROL of your blogs

YES – YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE and edit your blogs however you wish


*Quick and Easy Installation. This blog comes with a premium plugin that will allow you to easily install the whole blog package in practically less than five minutes.

No more trouble installing WordPress, messing with SQL files, myPhPAdmin, and messing with codes. In short, simply upload the blog package’s file to your webhost, follow the three step installation and you’re done!

*Easy Ad Management. This blog has a custom made admin panel that will allow you to quickly and easily copy and paste your own ad codes, affiliate links, and banner promotions. Simply add your Adsense code and affiliate ID’s. No more wasting hours and hours trying to locate where to put your ad links.

Each Blog Comes Preloaded With:

  • Complete Installation Guide
  • 20 Pre-installed Articles – each blog comes with 20 articles which are already integrated as part of the complete website. (Please take note that these articles are embedded within the SQL file.)
  • Bonus Articles – Included with each Niche Blog are PLR articles as bonus. It comes in .txt and .doc format. You have full PLR rights with this articles. You can sell, give away, and re-use any way you like.
  • Its own logo – If you want to make the blog’s logo unique for “branding” purposes, a PSD file for each blog is included for easy editing.
  • Its own design – each blog uses eye catching graphics, perfect placement of ads and functional readable content to make sure that every blog is easy on the readers eyes.
  • Video page – the latest and most relevant videos from YouTube that are related to the website niche have also been added to keep your visitors educated and entertained.
  • SEO – Each blog is search engine friendly. I enhanced the original settings to ensure the proper use of tags and permalink settings.
  • WordPress Settings – Each blog is using the latest version of WordPress – the Internets premier blogging platform. Fundamental plugins such Akismet, All-In-One SEO, Contact Form, and many more are all pre-configured so you don’t need to spend hours attacking your Worpress dashboard.
  • WP-Import – Included in each blog is the WP-Import Plugin. You can use this plugin to upload in bulk tens or even hundreds of articles into your blog and schedule it.

These Niche Blogs Have Been Optimized to the Highest Level for:

  • Adsense – the color blended 300 x 250 Adsense block has been strategically integrated into the sidebar as well as 336 x 300 blocks in the individual posts (you can also insert your Clickbank code here). This placement will ensure a maximum click-through rate and give you a great stream of passive income.
  • Clickbank – Integrated Clickbank products. Just add your Clickbank ID from the Admin panel. I have also included an Adsense-like clickbank units in the sidebar. This gives the opportunity to have higher earnings.
  • Amazon – Integrated Amazon Store on every post. Simply add your own Amazon ID from the admin panel.

Buying this package is not a problem, because we guarantee that you will have a


  • The content is already created FOR YOU!
  • The graphics are all done FOR YOU!
  • The blog and HTML themes are created FOR YOU!
  • All the needed plugins are pre-installed so you Do Not Need To spend hours installing plugins one by one.

The only thing left for you to do is upload the theme, graphics, and content and you’ve got a brand new blog that is ready to earn adsense cash or that you can flip for quick profits.

To make everything easy for you we included a fully illustrated PDF Manual that takes you through the QUICK install process from start to finish! Installation is literally done in 3 STEPS!
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