Q. Will I need a separate domain name for each of the blogs or sites?
A. No – you can host ALL your sites, or part of them, as subdirectories on a single domain. You can also set them up under keyword-rich subdomains that will help to create identity for each individual website.

Q. Is there any “upgrade” I have to buy to make my sites work?
A. No – there is hidden “upgrades” that you have to buy later. You receive everything you need on the first rattle (except domain and hosting.)

Q. Is there any ongoing cost for running my websites?
A. You’ll need a domain name (about $12 a year) and a professional grade hosting account (about $10 a month.)

Q. Will anyone else have links or ads on my sites – hidden or not?
A. NO! These sites will be yours, and yours alone. All ads, banners, and links will pay you – no one else.

Q. Are these sites compatible with WordPress?
A. Yes if you are talking about blogs but No if you are talking about php or html websites.

Q. Will I have full control over the content and administration of my sites?
A. Absolutely YES! You will be the independent owner of 10 websites. You can develop them and do whatever you want with them.

Q. Can I “flip” (sell) my sites after they are set up on a domain?
A. You can sell live sites with domain name(s) – but you can not resell the site files. In other words, you DO NOT have “resell rights” to this product.

Q. Can my sites be shut down by Google or anyone else?
A. Google does NOT have authority to shut down your sites. Nobody besides you will have administrative control over your sites. You will, however, be expected to abide by the Terms of Service set forth by your hosting company and domain registrar.

Q. Are these sites already monetized?
A. Yes – ads, banners, and links are already embedded from Clickbank, Amazon.com, and Google Adsense. But you can change the adblocks to suit yourself anytime you want. You are NOT required to stick with Clickbank, Amazon, or Adsense.

Q. Can I include other products and affiliate links anytime I want?
A. Yes you can. If you do not have an Amazon or Adsense account, you can substitute banners and ads from any other affiliate programs and networks you choose. You will have complete control.

Q. How much money will I make?
A. Only you can answer that question. This is an entry-level business and profit opportunity. How far you go with it is completely up to you. Will you earn $10K in the next 3 months? Probably not. This is a business building opportunity – not a get rich quick myth.

Q. Can I include an opt in box to build my mailing list?
A. Yes you can. These sites are compatible with all autoresponder services and most self-hosted autoresponder software.

Q. Can I rewrite the articles to make them more original?
A. Yes – you will have full control over the article content in all your sites.

Q. Will duplicate content be a problem?
A. Duplicate content is not a problem unless you plan to make Google and other search engines your primary traffic source – which is a constant drudge and (since search engines can shut off your traffic on a whim) a VERY risky thing to do.

Q. Can I add new articles, videos, and pages to my sites?
A. Yes – you can add new articles as often as you want. Only basic HTML knowledge is required. If you can work a keyboard and upload a file, you can do it.