Installation Service

Although every buyer will get complete installation guide with every purchased product(s), but for those buyers who are unable to install or just don’t have time  then please read below.


Don�t have time to install the blog yourself?

Let us do it for you!

Simply click the add to cart button below to order the installation and we will have it up and running on your server within 24 hours of receiving your information.

How It Works

It�s Easy!

Simply add an installation order to your cart and after purchase you will receive details in your confirmation email on what information
you need to send to us (Hosting login, etc.)

Note: If you need more than one blog kit installed, simply add the number of installations required to the �quantity� field in the shopping cart (and hit your keyboard�s enter button) before checkout.  

Installation charges:- $5 per blog.

After payment, please provide the following details:

Web host Name : e.g Godaddy,Hostgator etc.
cPanel Login Details:
Domain name where to install the store/blog:
Name of the store/blog/website/blogs pack/websites pack to install:
Desired Website Title (optional):
Desired Username/Login name for the store/blog (optional):

Note:- Please mention the product name like this .If you have purchase acne blog from vol-1 then mention it acne vol-1.Similiarly if you have purchased blogs pack- 1 then just mention blogs pack- 1.