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What’s more you can quickly and easily make a change or add your own unique articles through the simple-to-use and feature-packed admin panel.

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TOTAL OPTIMIZATION:   This means the Meta Description, Meta Keywords & Page Title all contain site/niche specific keywords that trigger the strategically positioned Adsense ads & links.

NICHE SPECIFIC:   Each article is site/niche specific – In other words, they will trigger even more specific Adsense ads, but will keep your site visitor glued to the page right up to the point where they buy one of the Clickbank products presented to them.

ADDITIONAL INCOME STREAMS:  There’s a banner and 2 product images on each page linked to your Clickbank ID. Your Amazon ads will be triggered using site/niche specific keywords and phrases.

COMPLETE CONTROL:   Everything can be quickly updated or modified from inside the easy to use Admin page included with each individual site.

PLUS… You’ll get a complete guidebook for setting up your sites, as well as how to make your own sites using our easy-to-follow directions.

ALSO You can change, add to or replace the provided acticles with your own! You have full control of the articles via the easy-to-use admin panel.

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Here Are The Exact Sites You’ll Receive…

That’s 47 complete businesses you can have up and running in a couple of hours!

And don’t forget you have full control over the articles. You can replace the existing articles with your own, or edit them using the built-in administration panel. Here is a screenshot of the article admin area:

Setting up the sites with your Adsense, ClickBank and Amazon info is a snap! Enter it in one time and you are ready to go. Here is a screenshot of the admin area where you set up your affiliate ID’s and keywords:

Please Note These Requirements:

  • You will need a hosting account with a Linux/Unix server .
  • You will need at least one domain name.
  • You will need an FTP program .

What’s it going to cost me?






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